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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(4.4) 14 Reviews

A secret billionaire romantic comedy. Abby Winchester doesn't know the man she thinks is the maintenance man in her building is really the ultra-rich owner. Previously published as My Secret Billionaire Landlord.

Main Tropes

  • Secret Billionaire
  • rags to riches
  • embarrassing family
  • shop owner
  • unwanted crush


5-star review "It was hard to put down!"

What will happen when the hot maintenance man is the owner of the building?

College grad Abby Winchester dumped her entire life savings into her struggling recycled fashion store, trying to keep it afloat. When she meets the maintenance man who gives her advice that can help save her business, she's smitten by his quirky kindness. But she doesn't know he's the owner of her building.

Trent Horton is part of St. Louis's old-money "royalty." He's done little with his money until he meets Abby, a self-made business owner with grit, passion, and gumption. He admires her moxie, but because of her childhood trauma and growing up in poverty, she despises the wealthy class; he could never confess he's rich.

When a childhood friend, Bernie, who has had a crush on Abby for over a decade, tries to make a move on her, Trent must decide what he’s willing to do to keep Abby in his life.

Will Abby put aside her prejudices and let Trent into her life or will she choose Bernie, her loyal friend for years?

Intro to Chapter 1


This whole crazy idea all started with a stupid magazine quiz at the doctor's office. The week before, on a lovely family vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks, Abby Winchester got bit by some nasty little bugger that left her leg swollen and red. Really red. Really, really red. So red that her entire calf was swollen to the size of a melon. Mom said the bite was poisonous or infected, and she needed antibiotics.
So, Abby was at the doctor, reading. One could always tell if the doctor was good by the quality of magazines they have strewn over their end tables. If they have freebies, run for it! Her gynecologist had a wonderful collection of Beautiful Women and Fancy Homes—those magazines that cost a fortune and had thick, glossy images. Abby’s old PCP kept her entertained for hours with How to Reno Old Homes and St. Louis Home Décor, but unfortunately he retired.
So now, she saw a younger, more attractive, and single doctor who kept Business Bi-Weekly in on his stylish end tables. She looked around for anything more interesting, a Ladies’ How-To or Good House Management. Nope, just golfing magazines and the Business Bi-Weekly.
She flipped it open to the middle and started reading about stocks, portfolios, recessions, and start-ups. Nothing caught her eye until she noticed the quiz.
Quizzes were her weakness.
She spent hours on social media trying to determine if she were a native St. Louisian (she was), or if she were a true redhead (of course). She was always trying to figure out what to do with her life.
This heaven-sent quiz was titled, “Are You an Entrepreneur?”
She clicked a pen and circled the answers right in the pages. She was supposed to rate herself from 1-10. The questions seemed to know her:
1) Are you a risk taker?
She wouldn’t say she was an outright risk taker—she didn’t BASE jump off buildings and the like, but taking risks didn’t scare her, either.
2) Do you love working with people?
People? Couldn’t she say she loved people? She didn't have any close friends still living in St. Louis. They all moved on to bigger and better things after graduating college. But the question wasn’t, “Do you have lots of friends?” It was, “Do you like people?” Which she did.
3) Are you charismatic?
This question stumped her for a full minute. She wasn't sure if she was influential over people. She’d seen those charismatic people that were so good looking they could, with a single glance of an eye, gain any object of their desire. She didn't consider herself all that attractive, with red hair that usually hung in two braided tails at either side of her head and wore thick-rimmed glasses.
4) Are you lucky?
Haha! When she was in second grade, she won a Christmas tree with all the ornaments.
5) Are you self-motivated?
She was more than her parents who were paralyzed with fear in this crazy economy.
6) Are you self-disciplined, especially with money?
Ah-ha! If she learned one thing from her parents, it was how to be careful with money. She learned by watching them and what not to do.
7) Are you goal-oriented?
She graduated from University of Missouri-STL with Honors in their accounting department and earned a scholarship to pay her own way and worked full-time in college to pay for living expenses.
8) Are you trustworthy?
Yes! She could answer that one emphatically. The only lie she remembered telling was when her BFF at the time, Micky Randolf, told John Hansen she had a crush on him. Abby lied and said she didn’t, although, she’s pretty sure her red face gave herself away.
9) Are you a mover and a shaker?
Yes! She wiggled in the uncomfortable waiting room chair to prove her point.
10) Do you have $60,000 dollars you'd like to invest in your future?
She did have some money in the bank, saved from living at home and working hard through college.
When she turned over to see the results, the quiz turned out to be an advertisement for a franchise. She scowled. What a gyp! But she scored a ninety-seven and that score had to mean something. She was definitely ready to start her own business. Abby tucked the magazine into her bag before going in to see the doctor. Later at home, she changed her trustworthy score to an eight.
Was this what she was meant to do with the rest of her life?

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